For Land Owners

Money-bagThe A Grade Properties has completed several successful joint venture projects in Chennai and surrounding areas which have far exceeded the returns expected by landowners. Our expertise, professionalism and reputation for fair dealings has always left our joint venture partners happy. We are always on the lookout for land and are delighted to offer landowners who wish to develop their property the opportunity to benefit from our expertise through joint ventures or outright purchase of their land at highly attractive terms. In return, we promise them a professional dealing with trouble free process and great returns on investment.

  • Appreciation in value: A Grade Properties ensures that landowners gain through rapid appreciation of their properties because of professional approach, higher-than-industry specifications and quality construction. Quite often the value of their property appreciates in value during construction itself, over and above any macro market appreciation that the property may undergo!
  • Savings in Capital Gains tax: A Grade Properties ensures that landowners save 20% in Capital Gains tax when executing joint development of their lands or by re-investing their returns/financial resources in A Grade Properties’ paying guest monthly return model, apartments, offices, and commercial space.
  • Savings in stamp duty: There is a saving of 9% on Stamp and Registration charges for landowners by opting to retain flats/offices/shops. Buying a similar property elsewhere will be 9% more expensive.
  • Built to suit:  When partnering with A Grade Properities, the  plan will be custom built respecting the landowners’ aesthetics, conveniences, religious sentiments and requirements. We will create an exceptional building with the highest specifications making the land owner the proud owner of a A Grade properties landmark property.
  • Extremely lucrative returns: The landowners’ land equity coupled with our brand equity will ensure they make 20-30% more than the prevailing market rate for the built-up area which also translates into higher rental values when weighed against competitive buildings in the same locality.