Chennai in BBC Travel’s list of cities to visit

Chennai is listed in BBC’s list of cities to travel in 2015. According to BBC travel ”

Chennai-bbcWith the opening of the new, air-conditioned Chennai Metro Rail, this east coast city that was once a mere jumping off point for the rest of India is becoming a destination in its own right, reports Lonely Planet. As one of India’s safest big cities, Chennai, which has 4.3 million residents, also feels less congested and hectic than other cities of its size because it is spread out. Easy access to beaches and historic temples, as well as the city’s Tamil culture, also make it appealing for expats.

Lifelong resident Dr Wasim Mohideen, author of the Chennai Foody blog, agreed that Chennai used to be “sleepy” but is now coming into its own. “It has moved from being a very conservative city to one that now has a great mix of tradition and modern chic,” he said. “People are quite laid back and helpful and they now accept change with open arms.”

Some of the nicest neighbourhoods to live in include Besant Negar, located on a peaceful beach, and RA Puram, located 10km south of downtown. Both are known as “posh” places with good schools and plentiful restaurants and cafes. The suburbs have rapidly expanded and are nearly the size of Chennai itself. While most people have traditionally lived in houses, apartment buildings have been constructed in recent years, adding to expats’ housing options.”

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